What Have You Learnt so Far?

What Have You Learnt so Far?

A review of your lectures this term by Mark Ingham

Wednesday 22 February 9.30 – 10.45 David Fussey Lecture Theatre

The questions that will be asked again will be:

How do you learn? What have you learnt so far? and How have you learnt this? +

What is a Record?


Wordcloud from Dave Courmier’s post on Rhizomatic Learning



Lecture 1 – Introduction – Mark Ingham

Lecture 2 – Works – Vaughan Oliver

Lecture 3 – Surrealist Lecture – Neil Spiller

Lecture 4 – Animation/Drawing – Nic Clear

Lecture 5 – Digital Death – Stacey Pitsillides

Lecture 6 – Evolved, Not Made – Rachel Armstrong


Links: >>>

Take >>> The VARK Questionnaire How Do I Learn Best?



Networked Student


7 Skills students need for their future


  1. joeweaverr said:

    “Vaughan talked to us about the style in which he likes to work. Recontextualizing and appropriation were two words that he used to describe his practice. Changing the meaning of an image by either slightly altering it or simply changing the place in which it is viewed and the audience of which it is viewed by. A simple advert presumably promoting oral hygiene becomes some what seedy and disturbed when reused as an album cover for a rock band. The syringe loses its original connotations of cleanliness and starts to take on a whole new negative meaning.”

  2. Diandra Cardoso said:

    Need to rewrite my introduction. Have to make it more interesting. Need an “attention grabber”.

  3. Taken from my introduction >>> “After being on the wrong end of a very loud Mark Ingham I felt substantially less drowsed and ready to start the lecture. He was exclaiming that; “I couldn’t swan in 10 minutes late if I was in the industry, so I shouldn’t be doing it here.” And y’know, he was right. He just didn’t know that 20 minutes prior to this, my brain was at the conclusion that due to some crazy witchcraft, The Southwood Site didn’t even exist.

    So we started discussing the different ways in which the human race is able to learn. In my mind it boils down to just two: ‘being taught’ and ‘experimentation’. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, for example you wouldn’t want to ‘experiment’ with the laws of gravity by jumping off of a tall building. It is far better to be taught that doing so will result in death, than to go and kill yourself. Leaning stuff is useless if you are no longer alive to harness the power of the knowledge.

    Next we had a look at a short film about a really cool magazine based in East London. It was a great insight into the industry that one-day I will be a part of. I can’t wait, because this film depicts that when I’ve finished looking at photographs of Mila Kunis, I can turn round and check if it is time for a cup of tea on one of the three clocks labeled – Clapton, Shoreditch or Dalston… and get paid for it. WINNING!”

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