Neil Spiller II

Ornamental Savagery

Dali, De Chirico, Ernst, and other Surrealists

Wednesday 21 March 2012 | 9.30 – 10.45 | David Fussey Lecture  Theatre


Homage a courbet:

“My organisation is the sloth-like profession of architecture. My language is a symbiotic broth of purple prose, Baroque waywardness and surrealist spatial protocols invigorated by space that does the many-spangled two step between the treacle space of out here and the slippery cyberspaces of inside computers.

I like architecture that is mythic, enigmatic, oblique and encrusted with decoration. I like it to suggest worlds, essences and supernatures.

My work of the last twenty years has continually sought to push the envelope of architectural discourse, creating new spaces where architecture might dwell. This quest first started with a reassessment of architectural ornament, narrative and the dislocation of myself as architectural designer.” (Neil Spiller: Deformography: the poetics of cybridised architecture. 2005)


The Dean, Professor Neil Spiller will give his second lecture on Surrealism called Ornamental Savagery where he will discuss Dali, De Chirico, Ernst, and other Surrealists.

Wednesday 21 March 2012 | 9.30 – 10.45 | Neil Spiller 2

All must attend and please do not be late..

All the best



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