GAMSWEN hand in instructions.

GAMSWEN hand in instructions.

On Tuesday 15 May by 4pm you have to hand in your GAMSWEN magazine/blog/newspaper/film/video/animation to the reception desk with the header sheet for this assignment .

For DESI 1109   Header Sheet Number 193150

and HART1007   Header Sheet Number 193151

If you are sending it away to be printed then you will need to hand in a genuine receipt from where you are getting it printed, for instance Blurb, with the header sheet. If you are creating an online version, website/blog/ then you will need to hand in 3 screen shots and the URL with the header sheet. This will be the same for film/video/animation, which should be uploaded to YouTube/Vimeo or such like, and you will also hand in screen shots and the URL.

Also on Tuesday 15 May by 11 pm you will also have to upload a single PDF file to Moodle of your work, whether it is a printed version or digital/online.

Any work not handed in on time to both the reception desk and Moodle will be marked at 0% unless you have extenuating circumstances and have handed in the extenuating circumstances form BEFORE Tuesday 15 May 4pm.

You must have at least 12 sections, of a minimum of 300 words each, in this submission and one being an extended piece of writing of 1000-1500 words. You may add work to it from your other courses, such as Nickie’s Magazine, Stacey’s book and/or the work you have done with Anastasios or on Thursdays. The more you go beyond the brief the more likely to are to receive better grades. You may want to add your own work into the magazine/blog/film or create adverts for it too?

You will be graded on:

1. The quality of the writing for each article, including referencing all your sources. (bibliography that is connected to the references in the text) 20%

2. The quality and imagination of the design, including the ease of ‘navigation’ (Contents page, good introduction and clear conclusion) 20%

3. The way the design relates to the written content so that they enhance each other. (Your magazine might have a consistent theme throughout or each article may have its own style depending on what is being written about.) 20%

4.  The professionalism of the psychical or digital ‘construction’ of the submission.  (It should look professionally made whether it is printed and/or hand-made or be a well crafted digital website or well shot and edited video. 20%

5. The way you have constructed your blog and the way you have made it easily navigable to make the contents easily be read by the viewer. (To be able to find the relevant information on your blog you have to make it clear to the person reading inhere it is to be found) 20%

Mark Ingham | May 2012


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