Trail Blazers…

Naeemah Waller says:

“I found inspiration from every speaker because they all had something different to say mostly about topics I had never thought deeply about before. They encouraged me to explore all the areas of my mind and think about what I had previously learnt about the specific topics. I am sure you will too find inspiration and explore your mind whilst reading about the things they had to say and my take on it.”

“Whilst watching Neil Spiller’s lecture, I realised my suppressed appreciation for all things abstract and surreal. My designs are quite ‘frosty’ and clean. I have no problem designing this way because it is how I feel I design best. I was inspired to research and perhaps incorporate some surreal elements into my designs and even research more into the more clean and minimal designs, so I could too be filled with that same passion Neil Spiller has. To see someone talk about his or her influence with that much passion, is influential to find something that makes me feel and work with the same passion. “

So prepare to be enlightened.



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