Edisson Hidalgo 

“This makes me think Dali was crazy as this fun house consisted of a giant pink stucco building, which contained inside chamber of swimming showgirls, a room with a woman asleep on a 36ft long bed, a man’s body shaped as a birdcage and a vintage Cadillac taxi where inside the taxi it would be raining.”


More work can be seen at ==> PDF Edisson Hidalgo FORESIGHT INFUSION GAMSWEN


Eleni Demetriou

“…Spillers imagination has created an Island, that he has perceived that works in his mind and that he understand he offers us another point a view a window into his imagination.”


More work can be seen at ==> PDF Eleni Demetriou GAMSWEN


Joe Weaver

“I want to see everything, travel every where and experience all I can. I want to express every ounce of creativity I have in me. In any way possible. Design, music, anything I can get my hands on.“ – @JoeWeaverr



More can be sen at: http://issuu.com/joeweaver/docs/gamswenjoeweaver2012

And PDF => Joe Weaver Final PDF



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