At the end of this course of lectures you have to produce a Film/Animation, blog, newspaper or magazine that is a chronicle of the lectures and seminars that will be given throughout the term.  This will mean you will have to take notes on every lecture so you can then write it up for your publication.

Each lecture, seminar or trip will have its own section, chapter, page or pages dedicated to it. As in a film, magazine or newspaper these will be your‘sections/articles’ and will be fully illustrated/captioned and referenced.


Emigre No. 70, the Look Back Issue

In 1983 Rudy VanderLans, Zuzana Licko, Marc Susan, and Menno Meyjes began Emigre, a magazine about “…the global artist who juggles cultures, travels between them, and who is fluent in the cultural symbols of the world. An émigré.


20 Magazine Layout Designs for Inspiration


Links >>>

Deformography: the poetics of cybridised architecture – Neil Spiller



AVATAR – Advanced Virtual and Technological Architecture Research – Neil Spiller

Ballardian Architecture 2 – Nic Clear

Notes On Drawing Drawings by Nic Clear


The design genius of Charles + Ray Eames

Ice Cube Celebrates The Eames

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  1. raydesigns said:

    Mark started off by introducing him saying his name was ‘Mark Ingham’ and people had difficulty pronouncing his name, so Mark kept saying his last name which was quite funny, looked like he was getting stressed. Mark Ingham introduced us to the new brief and what’s going to happen in our 12 part lectures. In the 12 lectures will be meeting various designers to learn a few things about them. Mark asked the group ‘How do I learn best?’ to the group and the answers given were as followed; some people visually, others learn physically, by hearing and then Philip answered by saying you can use any of your senses to learn something, but most people learn by experimenting the situation. For me I learn by physically touching because I am a hands type of person to learn things quicker and easier. Mark then showed us a website by one of his ex-student and the website was about reviewing movies and the name of the website is called http://vulturehound.co.uk/, also the owner of the website was looking to recruit people if they have interest in movies and reviewing them. Mark said we have to create a film/production, blog, newspaper or magazine about our 12 lectures, so I chose to create a magazine because I am interested in that sort of area. Mark asked us to record the lectures every week so we can create 300 words about the lecture and then post them on our blogs but 1 out of the 12 lectures has to 1000 words and if we want to pair as a team the words we had to would have to doubled but it would have been the same as being single, so there really isn’t a point pairing up with someone. Then there was twitter incidence which made mark angry.

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