Animated Robots

“Animation = Movement + Drawing. In other words you can call it movement drawings or moving drawings. In 1895 the Lumiere Brother’s first film shocked the society because it was the first moving image ever created. Can you imaging seeing the first moving image, if I was in that situation I would be totally freaked out.” John

Lecture by Mark Ingham – Wednesday – 07.03.2012 – David Fussey Lecture Theatre – 9.30 – 10.45

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adj \-ˌmā-təd\

Definition of ANIMATED

1a : endowed with life or the qualities of life : aliveb : full of movement and activity <an animated crowd>c : full of vigor and spirit : lively <an animated discussion>
2: having the appearance of something alive <an unusuallyanimated piece of sculpture>
3: made in the form of an animated cartoon <an animatedfilm>
— an·i·mat·ed·ly adverb

Examples of ANIMATED

  1. She gave an animated description of the project.
  2. After dinner, the discussion got more animated.
  3. Many movies for kids are animated rather than live-action.

First Known Use of ANIMATED



Animation Histories



Motion Feel

Animation:Shinji Inamoto
Modeling:Hironari Okada

Music:”La Combe du Tréboulou” by Thiaz Itch (

motion feel from Shinji Inamoto on Vimeo.




    In this week lecture we were given advice on how to tackle one of the essay selection that we had few weeks ago which is one of Nic Clear’s student’s work called “Brixton Robot”.

    I personally love animation, I find them far more interesting and entertaining compared to drawings. The reason behind it is because drawing is flat it has no life no matter how well you drawn it. Animation in the other hand has life because it has movement. If you ask me what is animation i would say this:

    Animation = Movement + Drawing

    In other words you can call it movement drawings or moving drawings. In 1895 the Lumiere Brother’s first film shocked the society because it was the first moving image ever created. Can you imaging seeing the first moving image, if i was in that situation i would be totally freaked out. This is because to someone that hasn’t seen anything like this it would seem unreal and magical. Then the first fully animated film was created in 1908 by Emile Cohl as shown below:

    A cartoon film that was created over 100 years ago i would say this is amazing work. The movement of the characters are smooth and the background music is perfectly sinked with the animation. The technique behind this film was he placed each drawing on an illuminated glass plate and then traced the next drawing-with variations-on top of it until he had 700 drawings. Just imaging how long that took him, if i was to do this i don’t think I have the patient to do so.

    The difference between reality films and animation/cartoon is no different they both are moving images that look “alive”. When i say “alive” i mean the characters in the film has their own personalities just like the people living in reality, that is why films and animation are so successful in entertainment industry. The main difference between reality films and cartoon is, the process they were created. Animate are created from frames to frames, people can be creative with it and it looks artistic for example you can use techniques such stop motion which something i did for my animation project:

    The video i made above is a paper cut out stop motion film. First I created a background for my story. Then I basically moved the cutouts and take a image each time when I move it. The first thing that Mark mentioned at the beginning of the lecture was the Brixton Robot film shown in the Nic Clear’s lecture, I never mentioned it much in the previous chapters, but i will talk about it in this chapter.

    The film was set in London Brixton, Robot and designed and create to do work for humans, unexpected population of robots in Brixton are rocketed. The police then invade the city, the only home the robot has. The fierce and strained relationship between the two sides explodes into an outbreak of violence echoing that of 1981. This film was created by a student Kibwe Tavares and with other people’s help. Overall i think this is a incredible piece of work. I can’t imaging how long it took for a student to do this, wishing that i can do something similar in future. I love the slow motion effect he added to this film which made it dramatic and exciting. The story line behind film is great which is inspired by the riot happened in 1981. The soundtrack of this film is sinked and matches the dramatic scene in this film which is great. The greatest thing about this film, is it shows the architecture and space where the film is set, i can tell the student has spend a lot of time designing the space and environment. Everything looks so amazing and futuristic and everything seems functional.

  2. lecture 8 by

    This lecture was given by Mark Ingham and was based on animation but the hidden learning qualities was how to write 500 words on a small or simple subject. We learnt the definition of animation which was is to Endow something with life or qualities of life.

    We was given a subject to think about which was to think about what our favouraite animated robot was and this lewad to a debate with our selves about what qualities allow us to saw which is our favourite and gave us an insite on creating a written peace on a small subject such as this. This helped me to think aobut the subject of cartoons and analyse it more deeply in a way which was more personal to me.

    We was then told to think about what our first cartoon memory was which in my case was an old peter pan cartoon from the 1990′s which use to be played on the bbc. This made me remenise about other cartoons which i use to enjoy as a child and how i progressed with the style of cartoon. I could imagine a timeline of my favourite cartoons and bring out different emotions i use to get whilst watching them this aslo brings me to the thought of technological advances which allowed easier access and navigations to cartoons such us sky plus.

    When i was a child i use to find it very frustrating when my little sister would play in the same room and create noise and dsitractions which made me miss segments of the cartoon but these days it is very easy to pause live TV and even record your favourite shows so that you can watch them later. Before you where stuck to a specific time and had to stop whatever it is that you are doing in order to catch your favourite tv program.

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