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Title: Art & Design in Context 2 (GAMSWEN)

Code:DESI1109 (1st year BA) and HART 1007 (2nd year BA) Level: 4

Team: Design Futures Introduction and Rationale: School: Architecture Design & Construction. Course Coordinator: Mark Ingham Credit: 15 Pre-requisites: None

Designers need a broad knowledge of the history of art and design. They also need to know how social and economic events have affected art.

Aims: The two History and Theory of Art and Design courses complement each other. To introduce the students to the histories of Design and the psychological context behind art and design and the medium of communication.To introduce the students to a method of analysing and evaluating information.

Learning Outcomes: On completing the course students will have: a good knowledge of the history of art and design; knowledge of specialised aspects within the breadth of the subject area.

Learning and Teaching Activities: Lectures and seminars, Gallery and museum visits, Attendance at open lectures, Essays.

Previous work can be seen at:


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