(Draft sections from the brief,  for your information and subject to change.)

COURSE TITLE: Art & Design in Context [2] HART 1007 + DESI 1109

Tutor: Mark Ingham. Lecturers:  Vaughan Oliver, Neil Spiller, Nic Clear

WEDNESDAYS: 9.30am – 10.45am  11.01.2012 – 28.03.2012 Place: Lecture Theatre DT 001 David Fussey – Southwood Site. (Then writing and researching in the Library from 11.30 – 1pm.)

At the end of this course of lectures you have to produce a Film/Animation, blog, newspaper or magazine that is a chronicle of the lectures and seminars that will be given throughout the term.  This will mean you will have to take notes on every lecture so you can then write it up for your publication.

Each lecture, seminar or trip will have its own section, chapter, page or pages dedicated to it. As in a film, magazine or newspaper these will be your‘sections/articles’ and will be fully illustrated/captioned and referenced.

You will choose one of the lectures, seminars or trips to make into a ‘feature article’ and will be an extended piece of writing/filming of about 1,500 words/10minutes long and again it will be fully illustrated/Captioned and referenced. The form, design, layout and size of the film/magazine is entirely up to you. It may be a small pamphlet A5 size or a broadsheet A1 style newspaper or a website/blog or documentary or animated film.

You may want to use one of the styles discussed during the lecture series or a combination of styles, depending on what you want the publication to look like.

During each session you must take extensive notes and/or record the session, as a journalist would at a press conference, these notes are what you will base your articles/sections on. Each article section must be at least 300 words/1 minute long. You will start write up or story board this in the library immediately after the lectures whilst it is fresh in your mind.

Whenever you use a piece of information in your articles you must reference them by telling the readers where you got this information from, i.e. the author of a book, website, magazine etc.

Mark Ingham | January 2012


Ed Fella (born 1938 in Detroit) is an artist, educator and graphic designer whose work has had an important influence on contemporary typography. Ed worked as a commercial artist designing brochures and illustrations


American University Professor Launches a Video History of Investigative Journalism

Matthew C. Nisbet on April 26, 2012, 1:13 PM

My American University colleague Charles Lewis with a team of partners has launched a fascinating new multi-media initiative called “Investigating Power,” which features oral history interviews with the country’s great investigative journalists, reflecting on their careers and their stories.  The initiative was launched last night with an event at the National Press Club and Lewis discussed the project in an interview with NPR this morning.  Below Lewis offers more on the project. Make sure you spend time at the site, watching top journalists from Bob Woodward to Lowell Bergman discussing their craft, the big stories, and their careers.


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